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In the fast-paced world of financial technology, our FinTech practice stands at the forefront, providing legal solutions through a multi-disciplinary approach that enables innovation while ensuring strict compliance with the dynamic Turkish FinTech regulations.

Our services extend beyond navigating the complex legal and regulatory framework for both FinTech start-ups and established players. We provide expert advice on compliance with local regulations and guide clients through the process of obtaining relevant licenses.

Our expertise covers a spectrum of FinTech activities ranging from payment services and digital banking to e-money and open-banking. Additionally, we offer legal guidance on the use of blockchain technology, staying ahead of emerging trends in the industry. 

Furthermore, we specialize in drafting contracts specific to the FinTech sector. This includes crafting meticulous software licensing and service agreements, ensuring not only legal compliance but also alignment with related legal areas that impact the FinTech landscape.

Our team is uniquely positioned, combining legal expertise with a keen understanding of the distinctive challenges and opportunities inherent in the FinTech sector in Turkey. By staying abreast of the rapidly evolving FinTech ecosystem, we empower our clients to navigate the complexities of this innovative space confidently, fostering growth and compliance in

equal measure.

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